Title: zlibVB.NET
Description: A translation from the original ZLIB library witten in C/C++ by Jean-loup Gailly. The present version supports only decompress GZIP files and streams.
Author: Paulo Santos
eMail: pjondevelopment@gmail.com
Environment: VB.NET 2005 (Visual Studio 2005)
Keywords: Compression, Decompression, GZIP



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Some time ago I was woking on a project and needed to decompress a GZIP stream, searching on the Internet I found several commercial libraries to do the job, but very few for the .NET platform and the ones I've found too expensive for my poor budget.

Once again I rolled up my sleeve and coded my own.

I got the original zlib from Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler and made my port to VB.NET. The first version of this small library was written in .NET 1.1, this version is just a rewrite to the .NET 2.0.


Currently the zlib.NET only decompress GZIP files and streams compressed using the deflate algorithm.