Sunday, February 10, 2008

mySQL Connector/NET breaks Membership Provider List.

I'm currently developing a small personal project that uses the ASP.NET Membership Provider.

And yesterday I needed to install the mySQL Connector/NET 5.2.0 for a completely unrelated project. I don't have the mySQL Server installed on my machine. It is installed on another machine on my small network.

After installing the mySQL Connector my other project started to present an initialization error related to the MySQLMembershipProvider.

As it is the mySQL Connector/NET installation procedure updates the machine.config on the box it is installed adding the afore mentioned membership provider (without asking to which server to point the damn thing). So when is does not find the mySQL installed on the box, it add an empty Connection String and the damn software dos not accept an empty connection string.

I just downloaded the source code to see if I can mane any sense of that thing.

Edited to Add: Apparently the mySQL Connector/NET does not validate the connection string configured on the machine.config on the initialization of the MySqlMembershipProvider class.

I've opened a bug report on the mySQL website. You can check it here.


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