Saturday, January 09, 2010

Windows Experience Index

Two days ago I've got a faulty HDD that was making my computer slow to a craw. Well, I didn't know it back then and I thought it was simply a case of much needed reformat.

After a couple of hours battling the Windows 7 install, I discovered the faulty HDD, and as it was an old 60GB that was lingering with no vital data whatsoever, I simply plug it off and the installation went in its merry way.

After everything was configured I needed to configure some Environment Variables and pressed Win+Break to bring me the necessary interface and noticed the Windows Experience Index of my little box.

Although I really don't give much of a thought about my WEI score, it just occurred me what would it takes to get the perfect (and so far somewhat mythical) 7.9 score.

A little bit of searching gave me some start points.

In short what would you need to achieve the perfect 7.9 score would be something like the following specification:


Intel Core i7 975 Extreme Edition running at a whopping 4GHz


At least 12GB of DDR3-2000 triple channel


Two Radeon 5970 in a crossfire configuration

Hard disk:


Yep, no known HDD configuration so far has been able to achieve the mythical 7.9 score in Windows 7. I've seen reports that even with two SSD drives in a RAID0 configuration the best score it achieved was 6.5.

Except for the hard disk configuration, all other items are feasible today, if not cheap.

Let's see how much:

ProcessorIntel Core i7 975 Extreme Edition$ 969.99
Memory6 GB DDR-20002 x $199.99
GraphicsRadeon 59702 x $ 649.99
Total$ 2,021.96

And I didn't even included a compatible motherboard. :-P


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