Monday, March 10, 2008

IE8 beta 1 - Fisrt Impressions

I've just installed the Internet Explorer 8 beta 1.

My first thought after the installation, was: "WOW!"

During the setup I was presented with some new features I'll sure try, and a better, much better, version of the Developer Tools.

One thing I've noted was the address bar have changed a bit. It now displays the domain in black, while the rest of the address is greyed out. Although it displays ONLY the domain part of the URL in black, regardles if the first part is not www.

But not everything were as smooth as it should.

Just as I've opened the to edit this post, I was greeted with a "Not implemented" error. I had to switch back to IE7 emulation mode to write this post.

When I clicked on the Add image button I was promptly greeted with an illegal operation. The exception code was 0xC0000005.

OK, OK, I know it's a beta, and I hope they fix this before shipping out.


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